Buying a Home

Buying a home can be intimidating, but our team will help find your dream home


Finding the Perfect Home

Through a combination of expertise and technology to get you access to countless listings, we utilize the most efficient means to find you the perfect home. And our multi-person team means that we have greater availability for showing times than other one-person operations- meaning that we can work on your schedule

Inspections and Repairs

With so many contractors to choose from, it is important to pick ones that are of the highest quality to conduct inspections to make sure your desired home is a sound decision. We have relationships with the best contractors in the area and will give you referrals for inspections. And if you need to make any repairs or updates to your new home, we can refer you the best person for the job.

Contracts and Financing

Navigating contracts and financing can be intimidating, but our team makes these incredibly complex processes simple. We can give you information about lending and special incentive offers through grants and down payment assistance